溫哥華短宣中心 「RSM -- 興起發光 ● 全民皆兵轉化運動」 Logo 設計徵選辦法
Vancouver Chinese Christian Short-Term Mission Training Centre
“RSM—Rise and Shine Movement ● Be an Ambassador for Christ” Logo Design Contest


異象與策略(Vision and Strategy)

溫哥華基督徒短期宣教訓練中心(簡稱 本中心)肩負訓練信徒傳福音的使命,我們從神領受 Rise and Shine Movement(簡稱 RSM)--興起發光 ‧ 全民皆兵的轉化運動,成為未來五年的宣教方向,藉著四個策略--祈禱、裝備、差遣和得人,盼望凝聚教會,為主贏得整個大溫,成為更多人的祝福

Vancouver Chinese Christian Short-Term Mission Training Centre (abbreviated as VCCSTM) has the mission of training believers to spread the gospel. The Rise and Shine Movement (abbreviated as RSM) is the vision we received from God. We believe all Christians are the ambassadors of Christ, as we share and live out the gospel for others to hear and see. This transformational movement will be our mission strategy for the next five years. Through the four strategies of praying, equipping, sending and harvesting, we hope to unite the churches, reach all of Greater Vancouver for God, and become a blessing to more people.


We believe that God delights in the unifying of His body. Therefore, we hope to continue serving the churches and inviting them to drive their believers to be a good testimony for God, to fulfill the Great Commission. From the good testimony of unifying churches and believers, we can influence the community.

RSM 可以凝聚教會,透過大型活動,例如讓各教會合作,在同區舉辦大型嘉年華會。RSM 亦提供平台,讓各教會有不同異象的弟兄姐妹參予不同使命小組,關懷不同組別人事(例如露宿者,留學生等)發揮更大功效。

Thought RSM, churches can be united by cross-church events. Such as running carnivals together at the same community; or brothers and sisters with same vision can join the mission groups to serve different people, such as homeless or international students.

參加者資格 (Participant Qualifications)

凡熱愛設計創作,能清楚表達 RSM 異象之基督徒個人均歡迎參加。

The Contest is open only to individual Christians who love design and creation, and are able to clearly express RSM’s vision.

收件方式 (Submission)

自 05/01/2018 至 06/30/2018 止。Email 至 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From May 1, 2018, to Jun 30, 2018, entries must be submitted by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

獲選獎金 (Prize)

獲選者本中心將致贈獎金加幣 300 元。 (比賽作品若未達標準,必要時得以「從缺辦理」)

The winner will receive $300 CAD. (VCCSTM reserves the right not to select a winner and the right to hold a new contest if, in its sole discretion, no suitable entries are received.)

設計規則 (Rules and Regulations)

● 設計請一律以 Illustrator 或 CorelDraw 等向量繪圖軟體繪製,並需考慮便於放大、縮小,應用於網絡、印刷及各種材質之宣傳製品上。不接受手繪稿。

Please design the logo using a vector graphics editor, such as Illustrator or CorelDraw. It is necessary to consider that the logo can be scalable clearly in different sizes, and that it will be used online, in print, on merchandise and various promotional materials. We do not accept hand-drawn logos.

● 設計內容需包含「RSM」英文字樣;盡量避免使用漸層色,若有漸層色請以雙色為限。設計須考量在彩色及黑白時均清晰美觀。

The logo must contain “RSM” in English. Try to avoid using gradients. If you do use a colour gradient, please limit it to two colours. The design must look good in black and white as well as colour.

● 所有報名參賽作品均須上傳電子圖檔 jpeg 或 pdf 格式,圖檔尺寸不得小於 6”x4”,轉出檔案解析須為 300dpi,檔名最後須加參加者英文姓名。參加徵選作品不論入選與否,恕不退件。

All logos must be uploaded as jpeg or pdf files. The dimensions of the logo must not be smaller than 6”x4”. Resolution must be at least 300 dpi. The file name of the logo must end with the participant’s last name. None of the participating entries will be returned, regardless of whether they are selected or not.

● 請自行保留 CMYK 模式之 ai 檔案格式(文字請建立外框或轉曲線),獲選後須提供原檔(ai檔),若未能提供,視同放棄得獎資格。

Please keep the .ai file in CMYK. Text must be converted to outlines. If your entry has been selected, you must unconditionally provide the original file (.ai file). If the original file is not provided, your entry will be deemed as disqualified.

● 每位設計者,報名件數最多為兩件。投稿作品需檢附: 報名表(附表一)、LOGO設計創作理念說明(附表二)、聲明書(附表三)、著作權權利移轉同意書(附表四)。附件填妥掃描成 pdf 檔後 Email 至 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Each participant may submit a maximum of two entries. The submitted logo(s) must have the following documents attached: Registration Form (Schedule 1), Logo Design and Concept Explanation (Schedule 2), Declaration (Schedule 3), and Copyright Transfer Agreement (Schedule 4). Scan and attach them as pdf files in an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

● 獲選後,聲明書(附表三)、著作權權利移轉同意書(附表四)之簽名原稿須郵寄至本中心 #110-12830 Clarke Place, Richmond, B.C. Canada V6V 2H5 若未能提供,視同放棄得獎資格。

After the winner is announced, the winner must mail the original Declaration (Schedule 3) and the Copyright Transfer Agreement (Schedule 4) to VCCSTM at #110-12830 Clarke Place, Richmond, B.C. Canada V6V 2H5. If these two original Schedules are not provided, your entry will be deemed as disqualified.

● 作品須為原創,非商品,且未曾參加任何公開比賽或展出,亦未曾獲其他單位獎項或補助。不得抄襲、模仿他人之作品,不得侵犯他人著作權與肖像權。若有涉及相關著作權法律責任及侵害他人權利時,悉由作品提供者自行負法律上責任,概與本中心無關。

The logo must:
- Be original and non-commercial.
- Not have participated in any competition or exhibition.
- Not have received any awards or subsidies from other organizations.
- Not copy, imitate, or plagiarize the work of others.
- Not copy or infringe upon the copyrights of any third party.

If there are copyright infringements, they are the responsibility of the participant. VCCSTM does not bear any responsibility for these infringements.

評比標準 (Rating Criteria)

異象表達 40%、創意及整體造型 30%、美感 30%。

40% for representation of RSM’s vision, 30% for creativity and overall style, and 30% for aesthetics.

得獎公告 (Announcement of the Winner)

得獎作品將於 07/15/2018 在 www.vccstm.ca 網頁上公佈,本中心將透過 email 及電話聯繫得獎者領獎。未獲獎者恕不通知。

The winning logo will be announced on July 15, 2018 on www.vccstm.ca. VCCSTM will contact the winner by email and phone. Only the winner will be notified.

其他須知事項 (Other Terms)

● 得獎作品之著作財產權及各項權利均歸屬本中心所有,本中心對於得獎作品得行使公開發表、 公開播送、公開傳輸、重製、編輯、出租、發行等之權利,均不另致酬。此外保有對於得獎作品之修改權,作者不得異議。

VCCSTM will own the copyright of the winning logo. The winning logo may be used in any manner as VCCSTM deem fit, and the winner will not be paid in any way. Furthermore, VCCSTM reserves the right to modify the winning logo.

● 本中心保留活動變更及解釋之權利。本辦法若有未盡事宜,得隨時補充修正公布於 www.vccstm.ca

VCCSTM reserves the right to explain and make any changes to the contest. If changes are needed, they will be updated at www.vccstm.ca.

聯絡方式 (Contact)

相關事宜請 Email 至 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For related matters, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.