The Pushback – A Reflection on Modern Technology and Human Connectedness

Wayne Kwok
VCCSTM/Engage Beyond 英文事工牧者

How has your church life been this past year?

For most of us, it is anything but ideal. Asking this question might even seem like an oxymoron given the circumstance of the pandemic. At the time of writing this article, I had just received my first shot of the COVID vaccine, anxiously awaiting the eventual lifting of the social distancing protocols from the government and for life to return to some form of normality. But the old normal is not what we will see in the post-pandemic world. Much like how 9/11 marked a change in human history, COVID-19 has brought about a new trajectory. In the midst of all the changes and adaptations, the Church is forced to ask one of the most fundamental questions: what is Church?


結語 – 什麼「福音」顯在綫?


使徒保羅在他的書信中,提到他作福音佈道宣教的原則及方式 -「我雖是自由的,無人轄管;然而我甘心作了眾人的僕人,為要多得人。… 向甚麼樣的人,我就作甚麼樣的人。無論如何,總要救些人。凡我所行的,都是為福音的緣故,為要與人同得這福音的好處 。」(林前 9:19, 22-23) 面對著今天綫上的人,今天我們願否進入這網民部落去多得人、救些人,讓互聯網上人成為福音網中人?